Yalla shoot

yalla shoot live football-The history of football officially identified by FIFA comes from the country of bamboo curtain / china during the Han era, around the 2nd or 3rd centuries BC. The football games of that era differed greatly from the current football.

The game called tsu chu is a game of dribbling the skin and putting it into a small net. This activity was carried out routinely as a form of physical training of soldiers and as entertainment on the emperor’s birthday.

In addition to fame in China, Football is also a part of Japanese citizens who call the game dredged from the skin of deer with the term “here”. Such games are also found in countries such as Ancient Egypt, Rome, England, Mexico to Central America who started making rubber balls.

When and where exactly early soccer is a question that does not have the right answer. The game of football is a popular yalla shoot game that has been played for over three thousand years. The birth of the modern football era should be credited to England. It is also known as football, with Scotland and England being the founders of a systematic game of football.

The word football consists of 2 words, (soccer and ball). Football or kicking is defined as kicking, while the ball is a tool used to play the game. Without the ball, the game did not match the name

Football is a sport that uses ball that is generally made of leather and is played by 2 teams each consisting of 11 core players and berberapa backup players.